Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The coolest place in Stockholm

Stockholm the capital of Sweden and acclaimed capital of Scandinavia is a beautiful city which has something for everyone. On my trip I visited many places but the coolest (literally) has to be the Stockholm ice bar, which is situated in the lobby of the Nordic Sea Hotel. The room is completely made of ice from the Torne River that is situated in northern Sweden.  The constant -5°C temperature in the bar is needed to stop the ice from melting and to prevent the artistic ice sculptures that decorate the bar from being destroyed. If being in a room made of ice was not enough, the hotel also provides a specially designed cape which keeps you warm and in my opinion adds to the uniqueness. Included in the entrance fee is a free cocktail (both alcoholic and non alcoholic are served) which is vodka based. There is a wide range to of cocktails to choose from and all come served in a glass made completely of ice!

I highly recommend the Ice bar Stockholm to anyone who wants to do something unique while in Stockholm.

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  1. Top notch review! I am expecting a detailed analysis of Arctic Norwegian geology (and a bit of cultural discussion too!).